Oceanography, Geophysics e Hydrography


Over the last few years, TAXUS has developed numerous works in the marine environment, which has led to a strong investment in sampling materials and equipment, as well as a commitment to the incorporation of the best professionals in this field.

We have developed specific methodologies for the environmental monitoring of dredging works in ports and designed studies to monitor biological indicators and the conditions of the water column and sediment.

Nowadays we can rely on our professionals and the vessels and equipment we own to offer the following services:

  • Operation of biological monitoring networks in application of the Water Framework Directive (2000/60/EC) in coastal and transitional waters.
  • Assessment of the ecological status or ecological potential of the water body.
  • Physicochemical characterization of the water column and seabed.
  • Taxonomic analysis and characterization of planktonic communities (phytoplankton and zooplankton).
  • Characterization of marine sediments according to CIEM Guidelines and CEDEX Recommendations.
  • Application of ROM 5.1 standards for state-owned ports.
  • Characterization, textural analysis of sediments and study of sedimentary dynamics.
  • Microbiological analysis of water and sediment.
  • Elaboration of bionomic cartography (ecocartography).
  • Ocean bottom survey and production of georeferenced videos and photographs.
  • Detailed maps and geomorphological characterization of the seabed (side-scan sonar).
  • Environmental monitoring of dredging operations.
  • Monitoring of submarine outfalls.
  • Monitoring and characterization of macroalgae communities.
  • Monitoring and characterization of Posidonia oceanica meadows.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of listed marine species.
  • Detection and monitoring of Invasive Alien Species.
  • Evaluation and monitoring of communities established in artificial reefs.



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