Wind Farms

parques eólicos

Our wide experience in wind projects has allowed us to develop numerous methodologies for wildlife conservation, implementation of prediction models and the calculation of species-specific collision risk indexes for birds and bats.

Some of our services are:

  • Environmental Impact Studies.
  • Design of Specific Environmental Monitoring plans.
  • Preliminary studies of bats and birds.
  • Collision studies: determination of carcass disappearance rates and detectability rates.
  • Shadow Flicker studies.
  • Case-by-case technical studies on the best preventive and corrective measures to be implemented in wind farms.
  • Comparative analysis of cost/benefit alternatives in the installation of radars, deterrent devices or employment of specialized field personnel.
  • Monitoring and tracking of wildlife, installation of radars and deterrent devices.
  • Assessment of Impacts on the Natura 2000 Network.
  • Studies on barrier effect, habitat fragmentation and loss of ecological connectivity.
  • Development and application of mathematical models for the calculation of Specific Collision Risk indices (SRIs) in birds and bats.
  • Cumulative and Synergistic Effects Assessment.
  • Environmental Noise modelling.
  • Landscape Impact Studies and viewshed analysis.
  • Modelling, infographics and 3D video.
  • Archaeological studies.
  • Waste management and minimization.
  • Environmental Management Systems in wind farms.
  • Construction Environmental Management.



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