Analysis of the ecological potential of reservoirs and its importance in determining the dynamic baseline condition as a management measure.


Villazán Peñalosa, B.; Cordón Ezquerro, J., Escudero Marina, A.; Montes Cabreo, E., Toraño Valle, C., Fernández González, E., Granero Castro, J.
Congress, year: CONEIA XI, Cáceres 2022

The Water Framework Directive (WFD) and RD 817/2015 propose as the only element to evaluate the ecological potential of reservoirs, the composition and abundance of phytoplankton. These organisms are characterized by their great variability under different environmental conditions, in many cases showing stochastic behavior.

This behavior becomes important when the term “basic dynamic state” is defined in Law 26/2007 on Environmental Responsibility and R.D. 2090/2008, obliging the promoter of an activity to revert the conditions of the environment in the event of an accident to the state that would have resulted had the condition not occurred, considering that this state may vary over time and based on the best information available.

The present work aims to analyze the observed variability of the ecological potential determined based on the biological element phytoplankton and its implication on the basic dynamic state in 12 reservoirs, located in Asturias, studied seasonally during the period 2012-2020.

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