Case Study. Preventive Measures Implemented for the Protection of Fish during the drawdown of the Camarmeña Hydroelectric Power Plant Canal.


Montes Cabrero, E.1; Cordón Ezquerro, J.1; Escudero Marina, A.1; Ferrando Sánchez, M.1;
Reviriego Vasallo, I. 2; Granero Castro, J.1

CONEIA IX Zaragoza 2017

The diversion canals of some hydroelectric power plants are frequently colonized by fish species in search of food and shelter. During the maintenance of these canals, the presence of fish fauna is a very important environmental factor, since during the emptying process it is possible that the fish fauna may be at risk if preventive measures are not established and properly planned.

In order to guarantee their survival, the conservation organizations are requesting the management of the fish so that they can be transferred to river sections where they can continue their life cycle.

To illustrate this problem, the planning and action process carried out in the case of the Camarmeña power plant diversion channel, which is 9.4 km long and runs parallel to the Cares Route in the Picos de Europa National Park, is presented.

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