Determination of the ecological status, safeguarding, and relocation of the ichthyofauna in the Nalón river (Asturias) as a consequence of the Tanes Dam Downstream Drainage Tests.


On the occasion of the annual testing of the Tanes reservoir bottom outflows, both the benthic macroinvertebrate community and its associated indices for calculating ecological status/potential and the evaluation of different physicochemical parameters (temperature, pH, oxygen concentration and saturation, conductivity, etc.) are determined before and after the tests to determine whether this action has any type of impact on the water body downstream of the reservoir (Nalón river).

In addition, prior to emptying, the ichthyological safeguarding of the specimens located downstream is carried out by means of electric fishing, and their transfer to a safe area so that they are not affected by the tests on the operation of the drains.

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