Flow gauging in the Navia River


The establishment of ecological flow regimes in rivers and transitional waters is one of the mandatory contents of the hydrological plans, where the degree of compliance with the ecological flow regime is included among the aspects to be monitored.

In this sense, TAXUS carries out gauging measurements in the Navia River using ADCP RiverPro equipment mounted on a towed vessel designed to remain stable in continuous and turbulent flow situations.

To calculate the average flow rate, several transects are made in both directions and at least 4 measurements are used, choosing the most appropriate location within the station according to a series of factors.

The information collected by the equipment is displayed in real time on the computer and allows the quality of the data to be assessed and appropriate decisions to be made to correct any errors or problems that may arise.

At the end of each transect, the equipment displays the measured flow values together with the velocity profile, depth, percentage of bad assemblages, width, etc. and also calculates the deviations of each transect with respect to the previous ones, which allows to evaluate if the data comply with the quality standards specified in ISO 24578:2021 (Hydrometry – Acoustic Doppler profiler – Method and application for measurement of flow in open channels from a moving boat).

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