Ichthyological safeguarding in different infrastructures of hydraulic power plants of Endesa Generación’s UPH Noroeste Hydraulic Production Unit.


In 2020, 2021, and 2022, as part of the maintenance work carried out in different infrastructures of hydraulic power plants belonging to Endesa Generación’s Northwestern UPH Hydraulic Production Unit, different strategies were designed and implemented to safeguard fish in canals, load chambers, stilling basins and accumulation ponds.

The previous cabinet work, as well as the design of the capture strategies to be followed in each of the cases, allowed the technical team to have the necessary information so that the fisheries could be carried out as effectively as possible and with the least impact on the ichthyofauna.

Fishing was carried out both from boats and on foot, using both manual methods of capture using brackish and buckets, as well as different electric fishing equipment (gasoline and electric).

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