Landscape studies as a tool for assessing the impact on cultural heritage in the environmental impact assessment of wind projects


Puentes Poveda, L.; Rodríguez García, J.; Pérez García, J.R.; Granero Castro, J.
Congress, year: CONEIA XI, Cáceres 2022

The visual analysis of future scenarios involving changes in the landscape, whether in the context of environmental impact assessment or in the planning and management of the conservation of heritage elements, represents an important opportunity to anticipate, prevent, and mitigate impacts on the perception that a wind farm may represent in relation to the cultural heritage of its surroundings.

The different state and autonomous community regulations in relation to cultural heritage establish the criteria for protecting and conserving cultural elements regarding wind projects; however, there are frequent resolutions issued by the General Directorates and Departments of Culture that focus their conclusions on the possible visual impact generated by these infrastructures on these elements. In some cases, these resolutions attempt to strike a balance between the impact on the landscape and compliance with the protection distances established by current legislation.

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