Management of equipment of the Cantabria Visitor Center Network.


Services to the Environmental Research Center of the Government of Cantabria for the Management of Visitor Centers and Development of Guided Tours and Interpretative Itineraries for Schools and the General Public. at the Visitor Centers of Monte Hijedo in Riopanero, of La Piedra en Seco in La Puente del Valle, of Los Caminos de la Harina in Pesquera, of the Ebro Reservoir in Corconte and of the Ebro River in Fontibre, and Public Attention at Events of the Astronomical Observatory of Cantabria in Valderredible. (2017-2021)

During this period different actions were carried out, such as:

  • Design and development of environmental education and awareness programs for schoolchildren.
  • Design and development of programs for the general public.
  • Design and development of environmental events.
  • Celebration of world days.
  • Design of a campaign on the Sustainable Development Goals.
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