Methodological proposal for the elaboration of carrying capacity maps using GIS tools and quantitative analysis of alternatives.


Rodríguez García, J.; Pérez García, J.R.; Sánchez Arango, M.; Granero Castro, J.
Congress, year: CONEIA XI, Cáceres 2022

The determination of the carrying capacity of territory for a project is very useful during the process of quantitative analysis of alternatives.

The ACCOMODATION CAPACITY of the territory is defined as the suitability or degree of suitability of the territory in terms of its physical, environmental and social elements to support different activities.

Using GIS tools, a series of thematic maps are prepared for each environmental factor to be considered, the combination of which will generate a series of synthesis maps (physical, environmental-cultural and territorial).

By crossing the different alternatives with the global synthesis plan, it is possible to quantitatively analyze each alternative under study and choose the best one based on a compilation of criteria.

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