Morphometric and Hydrodynamic Analysis of the Ebro River and the Dispersion of the Thermal Discharges of the Castejón Combined Cycle Power Plant.


A three-dimensional hydrodynamic modeling was carried out to check the possible thermal effect that the discharge from the Castejón power plant could have on the Ebro river. As well as to determine the mixing zone of such discharge.

The first stage of the study consisted of field data collection and a bathymetric survey using a pneumatic boat and a bathymetric echo sounder, recording the temperature using a precision thermometer and a multiparameter probe throughout the study area. In addition, a topographic survey of the banks and the water surface was carried out.

Once all the data had been obtained, the modeling was carried out using the MIKE 3 Flow Model FM program. This software simulates variable flows taking into account bathymetry, density variations, and external meteorological agents using a discretization of the study area by means of finite volume methods.

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