Preliminary study on the possible presence of invasive exotic species (zebra mussel and Asian clam), susceptible to spread through vectors related to the navigation activity in the Tanes and Rioseco reservoirs.

consorcio de aguas

The introduction of invasive alien species is considered one of the main causes and threats to biodiversity loss. The presence of these species negatively affects not only the ecosystem itself, but can also cause serious damage to the economy, especially to agricultural, livestock and forestry production, and even to public and animal health.

In this sense, and given the future navigation activity in the Tanes reservoir, a preliminary study was carried out on the possible presence of invasive exotic species, specifically zebra mussels and Asian clams, susceptible to spread through this activity by taking samples at different points along the longitudinal axis of the Tanes and Rioseco reservoirs, by filtering a volume of water, measured by using a flowmeter installed in a zooplankton chute. Both an inverted microscope and binocular loupe were used to determine the zooplankton community. In addition, a physicochemical profile of the water column was carried out at each of the sampling stations using a multiparameter probe.

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