Study of the necessary flows to be released at La Florida dam to guarantee the Good Ecological Status of the river section between the foot of the dam and the hydro-screw outlet.


A study was prepared on the necessary flows to be released continuously, right at the foot of the dam, to minimize the possible impacts derived from the construction of a hydroelectric power plant at La Florida dam (Narcea river) and to guarantee good ecological condition of the section of river between the foot of the dam and the outlet of the Archimedes screw turbines to be installed.

As a starting point, a topographic and bathymetric study of the area was carried out. Once all the field data had been processed and the topographic and bathymetric model of the area had been obtained, the data was interpolated using a geographic information system: TIN (Triangulated Irregular Network), a tool that allows the interpolation of spatially distributed data, thus obtaining the three-dimensional digital depth model of the area.

A dynamic model has been created to simulate the behavior of the area under study, in order to serve as a basis for evaluating the behavior of water flow according to the defined inputs. For this purpose, the HD FM model was used, which is a component of the MIKE simulation software.

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