Decarbonisation of buildings through sustainable design and architecture. The case of Taxus’PEB (Positive Energy Building)


Congress, year: CONEIA XI, Cáceres 2022

In recent years, all administrations have been reacting to the climate crisis we are experiencing: from city councils to the European Union, they are promoting policies and strategies that seek to promote an economy that makes our societies more sustainable.

On the other hand, our housing model is not immune to this crisis, to which it has to adapt by trying to reduce its ecological footprint and fuel consumption. Unfortunately, there are still no comprehensive solutions to this problem on the market. That is why from TAXUS MEDIO AMBIENTE and in collaboration with HUUS Architecture we have faced this need by betting on the development of a prototype of a sustainable and innovative work center – TAXUS’PEB (Positive Energy Building). It is a sustainable building that brings together all European initiatives in sustainability, standing as a real solution to the need for our cities to adapt to climate change.

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