Limnological study in the reservoirs of Furacón, Priañes, Valdemurio, Pilotuerto, La Barca, Rioseco, Tanes, Saliencia, Somiedo, Valle I, and Valle II.


From 2012 to the present, at a rate of two annual campaigns, the determination of the ecological potential index of 12 reservoirs, located in the Western Cantabrian Hydrographic Basin, has been carried out.

Ecological potential is an expression of the quality of the structure and functioning of aquatic ecosystems associated with an artificial or heavily modified water body. The analyzed indicators established by RD 817/2015 and the Hydrological Plan include algal group index (IGA), % cyanobacteria, chlorophyll concentration and biovolume.

Sampling is carried out from a boat and an integrated and representative sample is taken from the water column by means of a Niskins-type hydrographic bottle. In addition, the physicochemical characterization of the water column is carried out and different water samples are taken for the analysis of the degree of eutrophication of the reservoir, such as concentration of phosphorus and total nitrogen.

Moreover, sampling of tributary and receiving rivers of each of the reservoirs is carried out based on biological (diatoms, macroinvertebrates and macrophytes), hydromorphological and physicochemical (pH, oxygen concentration and saturation and concentration of ammonium, nitrate and phosphate) quality elements, also established in RD 817/2015 and Hydrological Plan.

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